When Industry Needs to Keep Moving, K. Dolan Has Conveyor Systems

We keep industry rolling along with conveyor systems, parts, and repair.
We Provide Conveyor Services in Ohio, Pennsylvania, & West Virginia
K. Dolan Corporation’s Conveyor Division provides conveyor systems that continue to be some of the most effective ways to get work done, moved, and out. We are proud to provide excellence in conveyor services from a company you can trust. From start to finish, industries and businesses in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and beyond call on K. Dolan Corporation. We do it all, from design and fabrication to cleaning and maintenance. Call us from anywhere in the U.S. when you need conveyor services!
Conveyor Systems
K. Dolan Corporation specializes in conveyor systems for customers throughout the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia region and beyond. Our professionals have over 30 years of experience in the conveyor industry. We do it all, from design and fabrication to conveyor cleaning and maintenance.
Conveyor Parts and Repair
When you have a conveyor, it is an integral part of every day workflow. You need it to get jobs done, get materials moved, and keep processes going. Shutting down entire lines of work because of maintenance to conveyors keeps industry in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia from reaching production goals. It can also have an adverse impact on your company’s bottom line.
Providing Steady Service Over the Years in Ohio, Pennsylvania & West Virginia
Specializing in conveyor systems is an aspect of the K. Dolan Corporation that has remained steady over the years. Even with the changes in American industry in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, companies still have a very current and modern need to keep goods and materials moving. Our conveyor systems, cleaning, and conveyor maintenance services are an essential and fundamental part of meeting and exceeding the goals of many businesses in the region and nationwide.
Experience You Need - On the Job 24/7 Across the U.S.!
Our conveyor experts have over 30 years of experience working on all aspects of conveyor systems. If you need a new conveyor system designed and implemented in and around Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia tri-state area and beyond, we encourage you to get in touch with us early in the planning process. K. Dolan Corporation professionals know what it takes to have conveyors that work from start to finish, and what it takes to keep them running cleanly and efficiently. We are on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle repairs and other emergency services regionally and nationally to keep your system going!
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