Crack Sealing Takes Care of Early Asphalt Problems

There is little doubt that you have seen this happen: a beautiful, new roadway or asphalt surface settles a bit and develops cracks….

How to Keep Cracks from Ruining Asphalt Surfaces?

Paved surfaces that have not been cured properly or that undergo extreme temperatures may be subject to cracking. It is not unusual for solid pavement to get cracks; however, cracks can lead to an accelerated deterioration of your paved surfaces. When water seeps in through cracks, it weakens the structure, making underlayment buckle and may promote the formation of potholes. Seal cracks promptly with crack sealing and maintenance services by K. Dolan Corporation! Our crack sealing can keep the integrity of asphalt from degrading through rough weather and heavy traffic.

Best to Seal Cracks for Heavy Traffic Areas

K. Dolan Corporation is a leading PA paving contractor that does crack sealing for customers in and around the Blairsville area, including Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County communities. It is part of our on-going commitment to customer service that our crack sealing service is a way to extend the life of paved surfaces and keep our customers happy with their purchase. Whether a particular paved roadway sees a lot of heavy truck traffic, sealing cracks is the first important step in keeping the roadway serviceable.

The Most Effective Crack Sealing Offer Minimal Disruption
We are all very familiar with what putting a new roadway or topcoat of sealer can be like. The entire process can be very disruptive, causing headaches for drivers and property owners alike. Whether it is patching or resurfacing, the end result is often a bumpy mess. With crack sealing services, there is minimal disruption to the flow of traffic. K. Dolan Corporation wants you to know that a quicker drying time still enables the roadway to be used, while it gets rid of the pitting associated with even the smallest surface cracks.
Ensure Your Asphalt Remains Smooth and Serviceable
K. Dolan Corporation provides asphalt crack sealing services to customers in the Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County region. So, give us a call before things get too bad! Our quality work and superior service comes through to our customers in Western PA, and we do crack sealing to help extend the life of paved surfaces. If your roadway feels the blows of harsh, winter weather with a lot of expanding and contracting, sealing cracks that occur in asphalt is the best way to manage possible chipping and pitting that lead to a degraded road surface. Crack sealing helps to keep such cracks to a minimum, and helps them to perform worry-free no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.
K. Dolan Corporation works with municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential customers in Westmoreland and Indiana Counties in Pennsylvania. We provide full paving, conveyor, and aerial drone services. We appreciate your interest and questions, so please contact us to find out more or to schedule your professional paving work today!