Drone Services Offer a New Aerial Vantage Point

Aerial Drone Flights Suit Your Business Perfectly in Western PA
The Drone Division of K. Dolan Corporation provides a variety of ways to bring a new vantage point to your business. Consider our drone services for any and all of the following:
Aerial Drones Improve the Accuracy
of Mapping & Surveys
The use of aerial drone flights for photography and video offer immense value and benefits over traditional land-based views of an area.
Increased Inspection Capabilities
with Aerial Drones
The use of aerial drone flights from K. Dolan’s Drone Division can provide increased inspection capabilities.

Added Security for
Peace of Mind
From searching for a lost child to tactical surveillance and tracking, aerial drones may be used by your business.

Aerial Drones Offer a Noticeable Marketing & Promotional Tool
Aerial Drone photography and video from K. Dolan Corporation’s Drone Division can be used for your company’s marketing and promotional efforts.
Why Should Your Business Use Unmanned Aerial Drones?
The use of unmanned aerial drones for your business in Western Pennsylvania makes better sense than more traditional aircraft for managing a number of commercial efforts. Aerial drones offer easier and quicker access to remote areas, offering safer inspection capabilities that are more cost effective. Talk with us today about the various ways our drone division can be of service to you.
Aerial Drones Offers “Eye in the Sky” Capability
Take advantage of K. Dolan Corporation’s Drone Division for flights that bring cutting edge technology especially designed for your business. Using aerial drones gives your business the capability of ‘eye in the sky,’ functions when you may need them most. Aerial Drone photography and video help preserve effectiveness, save time, and reduce risk.
Get a new vantage point for your business today! Take a look at our Drone Division page for more information on these capabilities. Then get in touch with us to schedule a flight for your company, or for more information.