Professional Milling of Roadways in Western PA

Prepare Road Surfaces the Right Way with Accurate Milling

Preparing road surfaces with milling services as part of professional paving from K. Dolan Corporation, in Blairsville, means that new asphalt has a better way to adhere and cure properly. While asphalt may be put down to seal over an existing surface, not including the proper milling technique as part of the application process may lead to breakage, fracturing, crackling of the asphalt pieces.

Milling Ensures Proper Adhesion of Fresh Asphalt in Western PA

Milling ensures proper adhesion of fresh asphalt by providing a rough-and-ready surface to receive the new asphalt application. Milling removes the regular bits of road that are already faulty and pulled up, while digging into the existing surface to allow adhesive to have a strong grip once it is cured properly. K. Dolan Corporation does milling services in Western PA to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with their asphalt results.

Call the Leading Contractor for Milling Services in Blairsville, PA

K. Dolan Corporation is one of the leading contractors for milling services in our area of PA, fulfilling municipal and commercial contracts with timely and cost-effective milling for roadways, lots, and more. As part of our milling service, K. Dolan Corporation’s skilled equipment operators work to ensure safety on the job site, expertise in providing our service, and the diligence to get the work done timely to achieve quality outcomes.

Excavating Done Right by K. Dolan Corporation

Commercial excavating by K. Dolan Corporation offers our commercial customers the benefit of our vehicles, tools, and equipment for those big excavation jobs. Clear land efficiently, dig holes to prepare for installing foundations, tanks, and more. Pipe laying made easy with the right digging tools and experience to keep work sites safe.

Some of the Best Excavation Work in Western Pennsylvania

Municipal excavation work by K. Dolan Corporation may be contracted anywhere in the Western Pennsylvania region. Our trained work crews keep safety first and provide outstanding customer service in and around Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County. We are mindful of our work environment, goals, time schedules, and other aspects that go into filling municipal contracts. We work hard to keep costs down and provide quality service to our municipal customers.

Industrial Excavating in Western PA – Rough Terrains a Specialty
Industrial excavating in Western PA happens quite often, and K. Dolan is the excavation contractor to call. Rough terrains are a specialty for our experienced work crews, who have the expertise in using our heavy equipment while providing safe, customer service to our industrial customers. We can help in providing drainage, holding areas, hole digging for an assortment of industrial needs.
Residential Excavating – Variety and Precision A Must!
Residential excavating services by K. Dolan Corporation when customers need expertise and craftsmanship at the best price! Excavation crews can work around your busy schedule and get the job done, whether you are digging out a new, in-ground pool, installing a new septic tank or system, laying new pipes, or preparing land to begin building a new structure. We can customize excavation work to fit your needs and budget so you are satisfied with the results.
K. Dolan Corporation works with municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential customers in Westmoreland and Indiana Counties in Pennsylvania. We provide full paving, conveyor, and aerial drone services. We appreciate your interest and questions, so please contact us to find out more or to schedule your professional paving work today!