The Most Professional Parking Lot & Paint Striping in Indiana, PA

When you need lines painted for roadways and parking lots, K. Dolan gets it done!

Parking Lot Striping: Our Crews Know Stripes in Western PA

Parking lot striping by K. Dolan Corporation is another service where our precision comes through for our customers. We are proud to provide parking lot striping throughout the Western PA areas of Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County. Whether you have an existing parking lot that needs fresh paint, or need a whole new lot installed or coated, with spaces clearly marked for various types of vehicles, K. Dolan Corporation get it done! Our paint striping crews place stripes for regular and disabled parking, bike paths, crosswalks, walkways, and more.

Roadway Paint Striping - When You Need It Right

Roadway paint striping in Western PA is a breeze when you call K. Dolan Corporation! Our experienced crews handle roadway paint striping on fresh asphalt surfaces we install or that others put down before us. We work with precision on every roadway paint striping job we do, keeping traffic and pedestrians moving right and staying safe within the lines. We can even correct mistakes other companies may have made with our meticulous attention to detail. When you need it done, and done right, give the pros a call at K. Dolan Corporation.

Changes to Parking Lots Made easy by Our Expert Crews
Commercial properties change ownership fairly often, so the parking areas around them are a key part of the curb appeal of the business. Ensure your parking lot areas are safe and marked properly with expert parking lot striping. The experienced paint crews at K. Dolan Corporation can convert an old lot and update it with fresh, new line painting and painted indicators right on the roadway that tell customers how to maneuver and park safely on your property. Welcome your business with fresh changes to your parking lot spaces, driveways, and more. We make changes easy for you!
Precision Professional Painting on Asphalt Surfaces in Western PA
Precision and attention to detail make K. Dolan Corporation the superior contractor for professional painting on asphalt surfaces. We use the right paint for the job, and specialize in paint striping on asphalt surfaces. Give us a call to discuss your paint striping needs. Our professional painting crews handle parking lots, numbering parking spaces, painting curbs, parking lanes and fire lanes. We can think outside the box in reconfiguring painted asphalt surfaces to suit a variety of purposes. Look to K. Dolan Corporation for parking lot striping services throughout the Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County region. Add additional handicapped parking, convert a lot from tennis to basketball (and back again), and keep commercial and industrial spaces clearly marked for safe and proper use and travel direction. Give us a call today!
K. Dolan Corporation works with municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential customers in Westmoreland and Indiana Counties in Pennsylvania. We provide full paving, conveyor, and aerial drone services. We appreciate your interest and questions, so please contact us to find out more or to schedule your professional paving work today!