Extend Roadway Life with Petromat Overlays

Petromat - A Geotextile Paving Fabric that Works

Petromat is a system of fabric that has an asphalt cement tack coat. As Petromat is placed between layers, it becomes an integral part of the roadway. This geotextile forms a moisture barrier—a membrane keeping water infiltration to a minimum. This extends the life of the roadway. It also absorbs stresses placed on the road surface.

Petromat – An Economical System Since 1965

Roadway paving systems are proven over time. Utilizing Petromat overlay has been shown to be an economical way to improve roadway performance since 1965. Evidence of the savings is counted by maintenance reduction and roadway life-cycle costs. Throughout North America, paving fabric systems are used in a large number of applications because they are economical overall.

Paving Fabric Technology Adds to Roadway Endurance

Adding geotextile, paving fabric like Petromat to roadway installations adds to their endurance over time. It makes good sense to install the overlay because the greatest source of structure damage is the infiltration of moisture. Even if a pavement is saturated as little as ten percent of the time, the useful life of the pavement is cut in half.

Petromat Overlay Provides Savings on Expensive Maintenance

Roadway designs that incorporate the use of flexible pavement design give credit to the use of unbound road base materials that prohibit saturation. We want roadways to be reflexive, without the fatigue cracking that can occur in the new surface layer. Petromat overlay is the feature that helps provide this flexibility that realizes cost savings on expensive maintenance.

Keeping the road base well drained maximizes the structural strength of unbound road base materials. Covering the surface with a Petromat overlay can be a much more effective and efficient method of installation. This is especially true when compared to the moisture problems that occur without it, or the work required retrofitting edge drain systems to handle typically poor-draining road bases.
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