Affordable Residential & Commercial paving in Western PA

Homes and business appreciate smooth, beautiful paving for eye-catching curb appeal

Commercial Paving & Asphalt Maintenance in Indiana County, PA

Commercial paving and asphalt maintenance is one of the ways K. Dolan Corporation helps businesses expand in and around Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County. Our growth lies in the continuing development of our commercial economy, and nothing says “run down” more than the look of uneven paving, cracks, and other hazards. Every company needs to be accessible to customers in order to attract new business, and K. Dolan Corporation’s commercial paving and asphalt maintenance services keep lots, driveways, and parking areas looking their best. This promotes a commercial business’s bottom line, maintains safety, and lets customers know you care. Count on K. Dolan Corporation for commercial paving and asphalt maintenance.

Municipal Paving Contractor Services in Western PA

Municipal paving consists of those big jobs, requiring big equipment and workers who are trained big-time in excavating new roads, paving new land, and maintaining existing surfaces throughout a municipality. Properly maintained roadways reduce accidents and give visitors a welcome experience. K. Dolan Corporation provides municipal contractor services, with the excavation equipment to handle digging and milling, handle curbing and water runoff designs, and provide the hot asphalt, patching, painting, and maintenance for roadways and more throughout Western PA.

Industrial Paving & Asphalt Maintenance in West-Central PA

Industrial paving and asphalt maintenance by K. Dolan Corporation is available throughout West-Central PA and beyond, keeping industry growing and moving as it should. Whether your industry is in one plant or multiple locations, K. Dolan Corporation’s industrial paving and asphalt maintenance can keep your industry operating the way it should. Our crews have the know-how and equipment to keep industry connected in West-Central PA. Count on us to keep your trucks and other vehicles running safely through your work sites.

Smooth the Way with Residential Paving in Western PA

Residential paving by K. Dolan Corporation is available in Western PA, serving homeowners living in a 150-mile radius of Blairsville, including Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County. K. Dolan Corporation’s residential paving services help smooth the way and keep homesteads looking their best. We pave driveways of any length, can put in a parking area, and install asphalt walkways that stand up to whatever the weather dishes out. We provide maintenance and sealing services to existing surfaces paved with asphalt, so if you have cracks, or uneven surfaces, let our residential paving experts take care of making your residential asphalt look brand-new again!

Excavating and Paving Contractor - Superior Service
K. Dolan Corporation’s business focus is to provide superior service as an excavating and paving contractor, serving Western PA communities within a 150-mile radius of Blairsville, including Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, and Cambria County. We have the equipment and experience our commercial, municipal, industrial and residential customers expect, while responding to the opportunities for growth and change that occur throughout the area. K. Dolan Corporation is dedicated to upholding and surpassing our superior service on every job, and with every customer.
Commercial Snow Removal - Reliable, Seasonal Service
K. Dolan Corporation extends our obligation of reliable, seasonal service to our commercial customers by providing commercial snow removal. Paving work does not end when the snow falls! Our dedicated crews provide the reliable service commercial customers expect, year round, keeping businesses open and vehicles moving safely through tough winter weather. We work when you do--count on K. Dolan Corporation to be there!
K. Dolan Corporation works with municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential customers in Westmoreland and Indiana Counties in Pennsylvania. We provide full paving, conveyor, and aerial drone services. We appreciate your interest and questions, so please contact us to find out more or to schedule your professional paving work today!